Dancing Interpersonally:

Dancing Interpersonally

The brain is a wonderful tool; it also can be a wonderfully self-tormenting tool.  The brain is good at thinking too much, talking you out of doing, and getting in your way of seeing the truth.


How to use dancing to dissolve your personal brain battles and cure social awkwardness:


My first time dancing I was shaky like a badonkadonk and concerned to much about my insufficiencies, rather than focusing on my present and future opportunities.


I still get in my own way mentally, but I am much less afraid of what can go wrong and much more concerned with what can go right.  Many times I even choose to be socially awkward.  It’s funny; funny and insightful.  Like a singing bunny.  That’s funny.


When we are dancing, we are doing and there is no stopping it; having a present interaction with another being.  Most of our energy is focused on hearing the music and trying to figure out what the hell we are doing – no time for brain battles.  It’s time for dancing!


How dancing will cure the awkwardness:


Listening:  When we are brain battling we surely are not listening.  How could we?  It’s impossible to be in the present if we are not listening to our surroundings; especially when we are not listening to our dance pal who is right there in front of us.  The lead always needs to be listening.  He needs to know what she is following and what he can lead next.  And a follow, well, is the definition of listening and reacting.  You can’t follow if you can’t listen.


Speaking: OMG! I was so scared.  If I do anything incorrectly, I am going to hurt my partner and she would fall over and die, and probably like me less.


Directly moving through your partner, and constantly communicating with them.  He is saying, “Do this” and she is saying “yes, no, or maybe ;)” All with just the movement of our bodies.  OOOUUUR BODIEEEEES! OH YEAH!! When the music starts, our bodies are doing.  We don’t have a choice.  Doing without thinking.  It feels good, doesn’t it?


Touching:  How often are we permitted to touch another person?  Not very often.  How often are we appropriately permitted to touch the opposite sex?  Talk about learning to be comfortable with other people.  We are communicating with another person “hands on!” It’s good stuff.  Really really good stuff.


Making Mistakes:  Oh my god.  I cannot screw up!  Not in front of this person or that person, or anybody I know.  No way, José!  I will only put down my screw-up guard in the safety of my home, where I’m comfortable.  When you’re dancing you are going to make mistakes.  When you make those mistakes, your partner’s going to know about it.  There is no hiding it.  You are going to make naked mistakes in front of others on the dance floor.  Whoop Whoop!!  Hopefully your attitude embraces these mistakes and turns them into learning opportunities.  Opportunitays!!!


Dancing can also cure personal stinkiness.  If your dance pal says you stink.  You probably stink.  You stinky poo, you!


Lastly, life is a game of mirrors.  People around you emulate you.  The way people act when they dance with you, is a very honest reflection of your behavior.


Ready to learn a little bit about yourself and others?  Let’s dance.


by Michael Haug

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