Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just learn Salsa, or Waltz, or Tango?

Yes, FLOW is taught as a method that develops movement based from the music of your choice.  For your private sessions, we will focus on specific genres of music and movement.  I do recommend dancing the same movements to many genres of music, to really understand how to dance.  However, that can be accomplished in the group classes and dance parties, if you prefer.

How often should I/we train?

Becoming fluent in a language is building the language into your muscles and out of your mind.  That’s when you can get creative and enjoy the moment.  Muscle memory is developed through consistency and experience.  We recommend, if possible, at least one private session and one group class a week.  If so, your progress will fly.

How was Flow created?

While teaching ballroom dance, I decided there must be a way to make dancing available to everyone, and stimulating for everyone.  The skills of dance are too valuable not to make it so.  My single focus is to turn dancing into a language that can be applied to everyone’s choice of music, partner, and dancing scenario, opening the doors to all, and making it as easy, fun, and fulfilling as possible.  This has led to the creation of FLOW, a versatile dance structure that works for all music of today and tomorrow.

Is Flow different than other social dancing?

FLOW is a training method to teach lead and follow with any music and any partner, but can be tailored to focus on specific social dances, if you desire.  In short, FLOW includes all music for social dancing.

Should I learn with or without a partner?

Learning solo, you will learn faster, because we can teach you with a more hands on approach, and make you feel dancing.  With a partner, you both are learning together, which makes for a fun “together” activity, and you can practice outside the studio.

What should I wear?

We recommend light shoes that stay on your feet, without rubbery soles.  And for clothes, wear what makes you feel cool, collected, and confident; just make sure you can dance in them.