Learn to dance to all music, anywhere, with anyone…and love it.

The future of partner dance lessons

Sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes the most valuable (and exciting) language is one within our bodies. Train to feel and look your best as you develop flow with the music, your movement, and your partner. Through private dance lessons and group dance classes you will build a coordinated body, strengthen interpersonal communication, nurture a creative outlet, and establish the ability to feel good whenever you hear music and choose to dance. Take this opportunity and evolve your dance style to own and cherish for the rest of your life.

“Life gives you stages to dance on all the time. The question is, will you take those chances?”

—Michael Haug, Founder of Flow 


Traditional dance lessons can be cumbersome, requiring time and patience to develop dance skills. Michael’s research and experience teaching dance has inspired a more intuitive and joy-filled approach. It’s his passion to make dancing  accessible to all with a new spin on dance training.

His single focus has been to evolve dancing into a logical language that connects to everyone’s choice of music and dancing scenario, permitting us all to be successful and develop our own styles of dance. This has led to the creation of Flow, the physical language, empowering us to dance exactly how we’d like to.

Flowing in Partnership

Alex and Hannah developed a love for dancing with each other and cannot wait for their wedding!

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Health & Happiness

Watch how Flow’s dance training program has transformed Nina’s life, both mentally and physically.

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A New Adventure

Watch Kyle’s dance lesson journey and his goal to confidently ask anyone to dance to any music.

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Feel the Flow

Conor and Hannah explain why training in Flow is so much better than typical dance training.

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“We’ve been taking weekly lessons from Michael for over a year now. Two surprising results, we’ve really found this to be a great time together as a couple, different from the typical activity, more in tune with each other and very playful. Also, on a day that has been full of stress and we are exhausted but still show up for our lesson, it’s an amazing stress reducer and at the end of our dance lesson we are energized and the stress is completely gone. Amazing! Michael is so encouraging and insightful … truly a pleasure to “work” with!”



How to lead and follow a dance partner, without all that pesky memorization


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“Step outside the static roles to explore movement from all perspectives. Dancing is supposed to be fun. Laugh. Skip. Play. Flow! “