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Dance Is a Language Anyone Can Learn

Michael's dance picBuilding the skills to dance socially has traditionally required loads of time and patience.  This has made dancing only available to those who are addicted and/or committed.  While teaching ballroom and social dance, I decided there must be a way to make dancing accessible and stimulating for everyone.  The skills acquired from dance are too valuable not to make it so.  

My single focus has been to evolve dancing into a language that can be applied to everyone’s choice of music, choice of partner, and choice of dancing scenario, thus opening the doors to all and making it as easy as possible to dance.  This has led me to the creation of FLOW, a versatile dance structure that works for all music of today and tomorrow.   

How We’re Different

Have you ever wanted to learn how to lead and follow a dance partner without all the pesky memorization? We practice all dance styles and techniques in a way that connects you more intuitively to the music, the floor, and your partner.  

We gravitate towards music that puts a spin on traditional beats that people can connect well with. Flow provides a creative learning environment without stereotypes. Clients describe Flow as “liberating” and uninhibited approach to dance lessons.  

We connect emotionally with the music and each other and learn to improvise what we learn. This approach is accessible to all dance levels, and we help develop personal styles with additional Group Dance Classes and events to practice what you’ve learned and become more fluent. It will change your life!


Seeing is believing.

Watch our spin on traditional dance with this video! YOU can learn how to dance to ANY music.


Learning to improvise to music you love will change your life and improve how you connect to others. 

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