Private Dance Lessons


Discovery Program

Develop a basic and complete understanding in partnership dance, feeling good and having fun, dancing in any situation, to all music.

Part 1

Train to create your flow and dance, a skill you can enjoy anywhere.
Includes 8 Private Dance Lessons, Unlimited Group Classes, and Dance Manual
Cost: 8 Lessons at $620+tax for 1 person or $690+tax for 2 people


Part 2

Train to be more creative and sustain your flow, feeling and showing how exciting partner dance can be.
Cost: 8 Lessons at $620+tax for 1 person or $690+tax for 2 people


Book a Private Introduction Lesson


Fluency Program

6-24 month training program

  • Embody the science of partnership dance to creatively use it at will.
  • Build deep connections in the relationships of dance, learning the principles and building blocks to Flow:
  • Train and master your movement to move and dance as well as you can imagine.
  • Creatively interpret music and communicate those feelings to your partner.
  • Compare fluency to holding an organic verbal conversation, but it’s physical.  You can communicate beyond society’s comprehension, and it feels so good.
  • Your dancing is thrilling & powerful, and better than 99.9% of the world’s.
  • We can incorporate your favorite styles of dance within the Fluency Program, i.e. Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Tango, etc.


“Dancing with Michael at Flow Studios has been really transformative for us as individuals as well as a couple the last year and a half. I used to be terrified and dancing…Now it’s one of the things we look forward to on a weekly basis.

The ability to get out of our heads and get into our body and allow ourselves to really connect with ourselves as individuals and as a couple. To connect to the music and really relax and decompress for the day.

It’s great to have an outlet for creative expression. You’re learning how to express who you are individually and as a couple…through our bodies to whatever music we hear at any place and any time. It’s been so vulnerable but also so liberating to have guidance through this”

—Connor and Hannah